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Tree Felling is sometimes necessary to enable other planned work such as building a property extension or simply because a tree is no longer viable through disease etc. It is important to take all appropriate safety measures before felling a tree, as by nature, this is potentially hazardous.

It is therefore vital when tree felling, to employ an expert who will ensure that  all possible risks are minimised.


If you're looking for a professional tree felling service in and around Cardiff, be sure to contact Tree Control today.

We offer a full range of services ranging from the felling of a single tree, to a complete woodland.


Tree felling is a potentially hazardous process. It is vital that the correct proceedings and precautions are taken to ensure the desired outcome.

Tree Felling

Providing an Expert Service

• Safety is paramount in tree felling

 ( Untrained felling is never advisable)

• Experienced, qualified staff

• We use only high quality equipment

• We ensure to take all the necessary

  safety precautions to provide a

  professional, safe tree felling service.


  To discuss your tree felling

  requirements and to book a FREE

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Why choose Tree Control?

Not only does Tree Control offer tree felling services, but we can also help tidy any unappealing trees on your property with our tree pruning and crowning service. Alternatively, if you have an existing tree already cut down, but requires stump removal or stump grinding, be sure to contact Tree Control to arrange our services.

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